The Infinite

Most of people says that nothing is infinite. Nothing is infinite. If I think at numbers and especially at the periodic numbers. I think, that something is infinite! I feel complete, I feel I found something that's infinite.. but numbers are not the only thing which are infinite. All things that the human has “invented” and are abstract things are infinite. This is the point which burns. This things are between the reality and the imagination. This things are invented by he by the human and are only in our imagination. The imagination is moved by the mind, the mind has a memory, this memory can still forgot. The second point is that this abstract things are not real. If one thing is not real, we can't say that if it's finite or infinite. It just doesn't exist! All what doesn't exist is infinite.. I think, that our imagination, our abstract things and our memory is infinite, but those are there, thanks our mind. But we die, we forgot, we can vanish.. so, also abstract things are finite. Only one thing is infinite, the color colorless “Black”, the only “color” that we see without look. I'm not sure about this, but it's possible.

11.12.11 20:03


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