Love is "Two Face"

Most of people write texts, poesy, documents or books about love. There are other people, who are the opposite and say that love is a chemical process. These last people have reason, it's hard, but true; there are more “loves”.. It's not true!! There is one love (and it's a chemical process, it hard but true) The love has two faces: the 1st love is which makes turn the word (the human) and the 2nd face is the “love” that that we have manifest to other people (to the family and to the friends). I can surely say, that if “love” wouldn't have this two faces, we weren't so “evolute”; If we would have the 1st face of the love, we would exist anymore. If we would have the 2nd face of the love, we would be like other animals and we wouldn't be so “special” (we would be more like animal). If we're so “evolved” it's because we have this 2nd face of love, without this side we (as mother e.g.) would “fuck off” our kids (and not only they), we would be more “barbers”. I'm sure that also this love is a big “size” why we are so in this moment. We are in a game, we are the pieces, if we would go out of this game, we wouldn't be anymore the pieces, but the player.

11.12.11 20:02


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