ou are free to judge anyone, even if you judge him wrong. If you judge him, you must have probes, To have those probes, you must try, If you try, you have to look good, If you want to look good, you must enter in his mind, If you go in, you won't get out there more, Why don't we go out more? Because there always come new thoughts, Why search also in new thoughts? Because thought can change, And if the thoughts get changed? Your judgments don't have a foundation anymore If your judgments don't have a foundation? You can't judge STOP So, never judge bad person! Even if he kills? Yes, you don't know because it kills! Then.. kill him before he kills again! No, this person could be you! So what? You want to be killed, so you can't kill anymore or you wish to be saved? I wish to be saved Then save. Don't judge people, save it instead! (before trying to save him, know him well)

11.12.11 20:01


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