The White Mind

The human has a brain. With this brain can use the mind. The mind of each one is clear and clean. This is which leads to the disaster. This white who's infinite that leads to fear, madness, death of themselves (and the people that stand by). The madness leads to reflection, but arrived at this point you can't think anymore, and the more we try, the more it falls into the black nightmare. Colorless land in a life that makes sense. It has no meaning because you're closed in yourself. There are no colors because there are none. No one. At this point there are two ways: find a colored light that brings color to your life, gives you light, and finally you see everything there was and there is around you. This get your smile, the smile is the sense of wellbeing. You wan't be heal never completely, because the mind is clean again, white again! The white makes you happy. But the White recalls you the black, the color that makes you afraid. The other way is that it is all black. A black that does't last forever, because a stained red. The red of blood, not whatever, but your blood.

11.12.11 20:00


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