Body & Mind

Loneliness, want talking, want to doing something, leads to the activation of the human. But now we are drugged by "technology" and in this case, I mean the SMS, and the browsers which are on the computer. This drug leads to laziness. Most people can no longer do without it, on the one side on requires it now... Also at school.. the soonest you learn to use computers, the better is it. Start using the computer already in the kindergarten? In the elementary? It gets only worse and worse. You can defend the increasing use of computers for removing the paper .. but how this energy is produced? Now, the computer is being more requested, so the using is increasingly, if the using is increasingly the risk of dependence is stronger than ever. The second problem is that the human gets bored, the human needs something new, to not get bored. So, more and more are invented new products, including useless products. Then, the “beauty” here is that such works are done mostly on the computer, homework needs usually a computer and Internet... Now comes the fun, do a little reflection, a person would want to meet new people (e.g. with his own thoughts).. why not found they? Mh... come on! The first decision is Netlog vs. Face (or even Twitter? Myspace) The worst thing is to have all three and maybe even have multiple profiles .. Here you can make new friends, you continue to use it because you want to keep in touch with friends (or find new ones) and then friends .. To be online with friends away from you and keep in touch with them, and to be "offline" with the people next to you. At the end your closer to friends who are far away and you move away from people who are close to you. Here begins the loneliness.. (The computer is not a living being) you want to talk with a friend / a or more with as many people as possible. So it is more and more eyes looking at a screen that transmits plenty of information (which basically are not anything interesting), and time goes and you don't notice it, it becomes worse because the "bright screen "attracts (all online games or not, there are couples who didn't gave eating to the babies, because they where playing all the time). The human body needs to move and there is a need, that now is being less and less... This is because the mind takes over the body. Unfortunately. The whole psychology, in Japan there are detoxification centers by this drug. The problem here is that the mind becomes accustomed to this way of life "electronic" and when you get used to become addicted. The mind of the human "activity” on the computer now takes the air like being in the company. But if there is nobody here to chat with loneliness takes over. If solitude succeed trying to extinguish the "fire" with "fire" and what is the result of "fire" there at least twice (the fire is about to fire with loneliness and here you are going to want to put out the fire try to do something else on your computer and not simply turn it off) and this hell (with all this fire seems to me a proper term) becomes hotter and hotter. And this leads to inactivity, which gets worse and worse, and being fitted for minute that "a nap on a lawn in the open air" (the mind) do not you realize that you are drugged. This problem can be see very well on Netlog in the "shouts" (e.g.: Who wants to chat? Chat? Someone online?) But this is just one example of thousands. Unfortunately.

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The Infinite

Most of people says that nothing is infinite. Nothing is infinite. If I think at numbers and especially at the periodic numbers. I think, that something is infinite! I feel complete, I feel I found something that's infinite.. but numbers are not the only thing which are infinite. All things that the human has “invented” and are abstract things are infinite. This is the point which burns. This things are between the reality and the imagination. This things are invented by he by the human and are only in our imagination. The imagination is moved by the mind, the mind has a memory, this memory can still forgot. The second point is that this abstract things are not real. If one thing is not real, we can't say that if it's finite or infinite. It just doesn't exist! All what doesn't exist is infinite.. I think, that our imagination, our abstract things and our memory is infinite, but those are there, thanks our mind. But we die, we forgot, we can vanish.. so, also abstract things are finite. Only one thing is infinite, the color colorless “Black”, the only “color” that we see without look. I'm not sure about this, but it's possible.

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Love is "Two Face"

Most of people write texts, poesy, documents or books about love. There are other people, who are the opposite and say that love is a chemical process. These last people have reason, it's hard, but true; there are more “loves”.. It's not true!! There is one love (and it's a chemical process, it hard but true) The love has two faces: the 1st love is which makes turn the word (the human) and the 2nd face is the “love” that that we have manifest to other people (to the family and to the friends). I can surely say, that if “love” wouldn't have this two faces, we weren't so “evolute”; If we would have the 1st face of the love, we would exist anymore. If we would have the 2nd face of the love, we would be like other animals and we wouldn't be so “special” (we would be more like animal). If we're so “evolved” it's because we have this 2nd face of love, without this side we (as mother e.g.) would “fuck off” our kids (and not only they), we would be more “barbers”. I'm sure that also this love is a big “size” why we are so in this moment. We are in a game, we are the pieces, if we would go out of this game, we wouldn't be anymore the pieces, but the player.

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ou are free to judge anyone, even if you judge him wrong. If you judge him, you must have probes, To have those probes, you must try, If you try, you have to look good, If you want to look good, you must enter in his mind, If you go in, you won't get out there more, Why don't we go out more? Because there always come new thoughts, Why search also in new thoughts? Because thought can change, And if the thoughts get changed? Your judgments don't have a foundation anymore If your judgments don't have a foundation? You can't judge STOP So, never judge bad person! Even if he kills? Yes, you don't know because it kills! Then.. kill him before he kills again! No, this person could be you! So what? You want to be killed, so you can't kill anymore or you wish to be saved? I wish to be saved Then save. Don't judge people, save it instead! (before trying to save him, know him well)

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The White Mind

The human has a brain. With this brain can use the mind. The mind of each one is clear and clean. This is which leads to the disaster. This white who's infinite that leads to fear, madness, death of themselves (and the people that stand by). The madness leads to reflection, but arrived at this point you can't think anymore, and the more we try, the more it falls into the black nightmare. Colorless land in a life that makes sense. It has no meaning because you're closed in yourself. There are no colors because there are none. No one. At this point there are two ways: find a colored light that brings color to your life, gives you light, and finally you see everything there was and there is around you. This get your smile, the smile is the sense of wellbeing. You wan't be heal never completely, because the mind is clean again, white again! The white makes you happy. But the White recalls you the black, the color that makes you afraid. The other way is that it is all black. A black that does't last forever, because a stained red. The red of blood, not whatever, but your blood.

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